TrapAccounting ERP


Inventory Management | Accounts Management | Customer / Vendor Management | Financial Analysis and Reporting | Events Calender | All Activities Feed Panel

(upcoming features) E-Commerce | Emails Management and others.



TrapAccounting is a web-based and spam protected ERP software which is proficient in inventory, accounts and financial management, indeed, it records organization’s events and presents a report of each one activity executed in the software. It would be an amazing product for every businessman when it is featured with other packages E-Commerce, TrapEmailBoxes.

It includes,

1. Sales Department

Sales Department covers Sales Invoice, Sales Receipts, Sales Return, Reports. Once posted invoices or receipts can be edited, meanwhile there would be option to delete them. Sales and receipts reports would be automatically updated and there would be necessary options e.g. print reports.

Indeed, every invoice, receipt and return would have view online as on printed invoice. On this view,

2. Purchase Department

Purchase Department similarly coversĀ  Purchase Invoice, Purchase Payments, Purchase Return, Reports. There would be option of edit and delete. There would be updated reports which would be featured with option to edit, delete, view invoice in print format. This print format would report as whether it is paid or not paid.

3. Customer Management

Customer Management: Add Customer, Edit and Customer List.

4. Vendor Management

Vendor/Supplier Management: Add Vendor, Edit and Vendor List.

5. Accounts Management

Accounts Management: Add Account, Edit, Chart of Accounts with Updated Balances.

6. Reports Management

Reports: Sales Reports, Purchase Report, Statement of Debtors, Statement of Creditors, Profit and Loss Statement, Statement of Financial Position (called Balance Sheet) and its Supporting Statement and Documents.

Data and Analysis: Professional Presentation of Data and Analysis in Tables and Graphs.

Any kind of work can be added according to requirements and instructions.

Upcoming in TrapAccounting: Very soon TrapAccounitng might be functioned with E-Commerce. There would be no need to have separate E-Commerce panel.