TrapAccounting is a protected multi-user, multi-branch web-based ERP (Economic Resource Planning) Application which enhance business/enterprise performance while functioning in Accounting & Finance and HR departments.

Why Web Based Application Best? Nowadays the world is on fast track and need to utilize the fast system to meet the perquisites.


Online/Offline Compatibility

Whether you are online or offline, there is no stop in working on TrapAccounting. We have developed the system which run in both modes and is compatible to gather both database at one center.

Functional Invoices/Vouchers

While creating invoice and vouchers, there is automation regarding to the information needed e.g. getting balance information on selection of customer/vendor and auto price and available quantity filled in the input on selection of inventory item.

Database Import/Export

Anytime database files can be exported and imported to the system.


Bio-metric is also featured in the system regarding advance functionality. Bio-metric would be switched in login and attendance.

Graphical Data Presentation

Bio-metric is also featured in the system regarding advance functionality. Bio-metric would be switched in login and attendance.


Your business has more than one office, no issue at all, your team can operate this system anywhere globally. We features multi-branch management which control the inventory and many other functions within branch so that branch managers may manage seperately at their ends.


Multi-users can operate the application and the admin can manage their approach to the extent planned. Authorization management can be as a group scheme or individual-based.


The results are reported in the professional documents which are required by the owner and management of the company. The reports on the system have directions in the form of html links to all concerns. Suppose customer title in the report of sales would lead to its complete ledger.

Barcode Compatible

Barcode is featured in the system. Invoice would have barcode print as per its invoice number. While invoice creating, barcode scanner can be applied for easiness.


Unlimited Users
Unlimited Branches
Basic Support
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Branches
Advanced Support
Premium Plus
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Branches
Advanced Support
Online/Offline Compatibility


Online and Offline Compatibility

No doubt, both at office and out of office (home or outstations), people work for their businesses, meanwhile, internet facility not available, there is issue and stop for work! But now if you demands us to make TrapAccounting compatible for online and offline platform and database. We would integrate this function and you would be able to work offline and online both.