Privacy Statement Updated: October 01, 2018

We focus on the privacy of information of users and visitors at Prime Burg. We don’t share any kind of information of one person to other one and there is no any automation of this kind.

User Information Channels: In both cases, whether you are utilizing our paid services or free services even engaged with blog’s posts, information provided by members is saved in our database though their database is segregated into different categories.

Use of User/Member Information

We use user information while managing the products being used by them and offer user/members other products as per their consent.

Collection of Minors’ Information

We never collect information from minors (under age of 18 years). We don’t have any entrance for minors’ information. According to Prime Burg, both paid and free services would be bought and used by adults (men, women and others but not children).

Change in Privacy Statement

Whenever there would be changes in privacy statement, updates would be available there-same.

Feel free to contact with us in the regard to share your opinion, contribute or change in privacy statement.

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