HTML is first and basic web language to design a website.

HTML is a standard markup language for creating Web pages.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

Basic syntax of HTMl are;

and are starting and closing tags for HTML script. Head tag is for metadata elements and body tag is for contents of the websites.

Metadata consists of tags of title, script, link and style.

Tag title is for Title of the website but this title would be displayed on tab of browser. Tag script>contains link of JavaScript file which is needed for current web page. Tag link is for css file. Tag style is for css properties directly written in the same page instead of linking a css files in tag link.

Body tag contains different tags which aims at presenting contents on web page.

Tag header for header of the website while tag footer is for footer of the website. As these are same for all pages of website so these are developed one time and integrated in all pages while linked them to its original files. Div tags are created for contents between header and footer.

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