Accounting and Ecommerce Integration in WordPresss

Very rarely finding both ecommerce and accounting software integrated to each other especially in WordPress. Now there is solution provided by TrapAccounting ERP which can be integrated with WooCommerce (and also others) in WordPress.

JavaScript Code Mixed-up with PHP Code

Sometimes we need to add something in JavaScript code but unfortunately on other side we are using PHP in same file and the value of some one variable is in PHP code.



$invoiceno = 2343434; // suppose we have value of one variable in PHP code but we want to use it in JavaScript Code

// so this is JavaScript Code but in the form of PHP while using PHP variable value.

 echo "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>
       window.alert('Invoice Posted!')


Select Table form Database Sorting

Use the following query for selecting table sorting ascending or descending.

SELECT table_name FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.tables WHERE table_schema = 'database_name' ORDER BY table_name ASC;

PHP: User Information on Web Page

When a visitor visit web page, he can his specification like IP Address, Country Name, Country Flag, City etc.
The following code is available for PHP developers.


// IP Address
$user_ip = getenv('REMOTE_ADDR');
echo $user_ip; 

// Note: use 'echo' to display the IP Address of user or you can insert into database for record. Similarly for others one...

// Country Name
$geo = unserialize(file_get_contents("$user_ip"));
$country = $geo["geoplugin_countryName"];

// City Name
$city = $geo["geoplugin_city"];

// Time (with proper time zone)
$time = date('Y-m-d'); // Date as per the region of Karachi, Pakistan Time Zone.
$time2= date('h:i:s A'); // Time as per the region of Karachi, Pakistan Time Zone.

Increase in Traffic to Blog/Website

Follow these steps and get high volume of visitors to your websites;


kindly wait for detail

1) On-Page SEO

i) High Quality Content

ii) Meta Description

<meta name=”description” content=”Summary (150 characters or 30 words) of contents on this page.”/>

2) Sharing on Social Media
Share your web contents on social media especially using hashtags.

3) Get Listed in Online Directories and Review Sites

4) Landing Pages

Create landing pages to get visitors subscribed to your site or offer the services while giving incentives (discount, free trial etc), indeed, offering something special to visitors.

5) Email Marketing

Send emails to subscriber (users registered your websites) and general public to visit the website while offering special services.

6) Keywords

i) Short-Tail Keywords
Single word would be a short-tail keyword.
ii) Long-Tail Keywords
Single phrase would be long-tail keyword.

7) Online Announcement & Advertisement
Run the campaign whether it is paid or unpaid. There are so many website which offer campaigns for you website to attract more traffic.

8) Guest Blog or Visitors’ Sharing Opinion Platform
Create a guest blog or a platform ( as community) to offer the place for your visitors to present their opinion about you website or any certain cause, indeed, all visitors would be able to comment there.

9) Observe Web/Blog Analytics
Learn from your site analytics and weight which one method/approach to get traffic is more attractive and useful,, so upgrade it and give upmost time. And any approach which is useless and there is no production of traffic so don’t waste more time for that approach.

10) Be Active Online
Your website or/and blog is online and there is plan of online traffic, so you should be online and keep in touch with the methods and strategies once established in the regard to promote your web/blog.

……detail would be available asap..keep in touch with us………..

Difference between Static and Dynamic Website?

Static websites are not interactive. They have only text and images but there is not reaction regarding with human actions though mouse or keyboard or any other medium. It is developed with html and css code only.

While dynamics websites are very iterative with human action through mouse or keyboard or any other medium. Theses websites are developed with html, css and JavaScript, indeed, there are so many other web development language, are used.

Difference Between Web Designing and Web Development

Web designing is to design web layout and set its color and alignment. We can say front-end work for a website.
While web development is back-end work and we make website function-able. To connect web contents with database and behavioral change on mouse over and mouse clicks would be web development.

Google Map (using Html and JavaScript Code)

We developed the following code (from w3school) to view google map on web page. It can be customized.

Arithmetic/Mathematical Operations in MySql Queries

In this post, we would share some queries which help out to have mathematical solutions like minimum value, maximum value, summation, average and others.

Minimum Value form a column of database.

Select min(column_1) From table_any;

Maximum Value from a column of database.

Select max(column_1) From table_any;

On Select, Fill The Div with Some Results (with the help of PHP and JavaScript)

Website and web application developers need to select an input to have some results in a div dynamically. So every option of selector would display results in the target div. These results would be scripted in another file.
Now how is it possible?

First need to create a selector having some options and a div which would be filled with the results.

Now JavaScript Code and would declare a file from where the result would be transferred to the target div.

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